Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Monday May 23, Tuesday May 24, and Wednesday May 25 – Last Days in Bali

Our last few days in Bali were spent repeating some of the “bests” that we had done previously.

On Monday morning Ketut Sukla, our masseur from the rice fields, arrived again to give Ray and I our second and final massage. He is a quiet, kind man, with strong, manipulative hands that ripple the muscles, and pound out the knots to leave your body feeling rejuvenated. We promised to leave his card in the villa and pass on his name wherever we could.

Monday night we treated ourselves to a nice dinner. We met the scooter drivers from the Luxe and sped up the signature lane in Ubud into the rice paddies to the restaurant. We were greeted by all of the staff with big smiles and waves. Ngurah saw us to our table and asked after each of the friends we had been there with previously, by name! To each of you, he passes on his regards.This guy has an amazing memory. He remembers every little thing you say, and observes and commits to memory every detail about the situation, and then recalls it in his conversations with you!! I asked him if he had a photographic memory. He said “not really, but I can skim over something and easily remember the main points.” Very impressive. We were the only ones in the restaurant and although it was beautiful for us, we were sad that there were not more people experiencing the ambiance and delicious food. But Paul later told us that they had been very busy over the weekend. We sat by the window in a little alcove looking out through bougainvillea framed windows over the night shapes of palm trees and rice fields. Romantic music played in the background. The pot lights imitated candle light! The food, as it always has been, was delicious, the staff were friendly and attentive, and Paul, the owner, came for a chat. For the first time in a very, very long time, I ate three courses, including chocolate mousse for desert!! Too delicious, but I was stuffed full!! All too soon it was time for Paul to arrange our motor scooter ride back to Ubud. Kindly, he organized the drivers to take us right to the front door of Rumah Sawah Kita!! The ride through the moonlit rice fields, and the quiet and almost sleeping streets of Ubud, completed the magic of the evening.

Tuesday was a big day. It was our last day in the villa. We were packed up and waiting for Geoffrey to arrive for a final inspection then we moved 100 steps down to the Bali Dream. This is comfortable and gorgeous too. We only have a room as the one bedroom villas were all taken, but we do have a lovely outdoor seating area, and there is a larger communal pool….two actually….It is a calming end to our hectic holiday. 

In the afternoon, I had my second manicure and pedicure so now I am supporting bright green toes, and traditional royal blue finger nails.

In the evening we walked into Ubud for dinner at the Lotus Café. We were lucky. There was a Legong dance performance being held in front of the Temple. Looking over the lotus pond in front of the temple, and watching the beautiful girls perform is a memory I will cherish.

Wednesday – our last full day in Bali. After breakfast we sat quietly reading and enjoying the warm sun and the colourful garden at the Bali Dream. 

Late morning we headed to the Campuhan Rice Field walk for one last look at the views from the Campuhan Ridge. Once again our hearts soared with expansive palm trees and rice fields that tiered up the sides of the ridge. We reached Karsa Café and took a rest, with a Bintang of course, then lunch, then back to Ubud. We had time for a last swim in the infinity pool, then headed over to Geoffrey and Michaels for drinks. We had fun with our two “former” landlords and their two friends who had lived in Bali for some years and were now returned to Australia. Finally, we headed to dinner and back to the Dream to sleep.

Tomorrow we fly to Hong Kong..

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