Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Wednesday May 4 and Thursday May 5 – Ubud Ricefield Walk – Cremation Preparations

Preparations for the royal cremation are hotting up. Ray and I were in Ubud today and took more pictures of the funeral tower and the sarcophagus in the process of being built. I have included some here. According to Gade it is going to be a spectacular event. He has booked us a second story restaurant for 100,000 rp and warned us we must be there early because there will be tons of people....thousands. People come from the villages all around Ubud - he says it will be crazy. We have been told that the cremation is for the grandchild of the old King. I will try and verify this.

The outside courtyard of the palace (Peter that is where the dancing started off) has been turned into a factory where all of the different community groups come to build or create the decorative parts for the tower and cremation: don't know where they all go yet, but no doubt we will spot them somewhere on Sunday.   It is almost like being at the Rio Carnival except there is only one float and Samba school!!!

After the viewing and energized atmosphere of the palace, we walked back toward Penestanan and headed up a steep hill, along the side of some buildings, and into the tranquility of the rice fields. Passing through lush patches of green, with the water gushing beside us in the various canals, we soon arrived at Sari Organic where we ate a late lunch. A major problem though….no Bintang….only a home made wheat beer!!!

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