Sunday, May 8, 2016

Tuesday May 10 - Shopping in Ubud – Monkey Forest – Home late – Bamboo Restaurant

Our mornings always seem lazy. Maybe it is because we never seem to wake up till Jero arrives; then she prepares breakfast, and so they are always leisurely. Anyway, Laura and I set off sometime for Ubud. We stopped in a gazillion shops on the way along the main street and down Monkey Forest Road until at last we reached the Monkey Forest around 4:00 p.m. 

This was Laura’s first visit and she was fascinated by the monkeys and their antics. It is a true tourist joint but nonetheless the monkeys can be quite fun. They all seemed tame today, maybe we were just a little later. But some crazy people did try to “chastise” them! It doesn’t work!! You come off worst.

By the time we got home Ray was about to send out a search party! But we appeased him with our tales then headed for dinner to a new restaurant “Sari Bamboo Warung.”  We couldn’t believe the prices, 45 rp for Mie Goring…that is $4.50! Food is delicious, setting very comfortable, and staff welcoming and friendly, including the dog!!

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